Sunday, 3 May 2009

Residual Makes a Huge Difference

Yesterday we were talking about why you must choose the
RIGHT affiliate programs and how choosing the wrong
program(s) to promote can literally spell out the difference
between success and failure. In fact, many people who would
have succeeded in affiliate marketing did not succeed simply
because they chose the wrong programs to promote.

Let's get into this idea a little further today.

One of the reasons we determined that give a good
program to promote is that they pay out a lion's share of
the commissions to affiliates. $20.00 out of a $24.95 sale
getting paid to the affiliate is pretty good terms, right?

As an affiliate, you need to work with companies that put
YOU first. After all, you're the one driving the traffic to
their site and they don't have a lot of risk since they only
pay you when you generate a sale. But a lot of affiliate
programs don't understand that. In fact, many programs out
there are paying 5-15% commission on products they should be
paying you a lot more for.

But there is another extremely important factor that
determines success or failure as an affiliate marketer. That
is whether or not the company pays you one time or pays you
residual income for a single sale. This is a big factor you
need to consider before you join any affiliate program.

If someone was promoting products from affiliate programs that
only paid him one time for a sale, he'd still need a job
somewhere else to cover my basic living expenses. But we
realized from day one that we needed to work exclusively
with programs that paid residual income.

On the Internet, residual income is basically selling a
"subscription service" so that when someone buys the product
you get paid up-front one time and then each month when that
person's subscription renews with the company, you get paid
every month for as long as that person continues using the service.