Friday, 27 February 2009

Become a Leader

There are hundreds of mails came in to my box everyday. Until I just can't open up eyes to read all those mails. Of course there are some important mails, but the rest are from the IM around the globe in trying to convince me by either buy their products or join-in their programs. And I'm sure you guys face the problems like me.

However, there's one mail that caught my eyes. It says stop promoting your business or program directly! Ahhhaa...this is not only something different but it's real different from the rest.

There goes the truth is, nobody cares about joining any programs or business because everybody is already promoting their own. Instead it is advise to help others build their program or opportunity.

The facts that 97% of home business fail and only 3% succeed. So, if you want to get the result that almost no one else gets, it's says you must do what almost no one else does. Do the opposite way!

The 97% are failing because they are all trying to convince others to join their business, then you need you need to do the opposite of almost everyone else; i.e. to help others to build their business.

For the moment, forget about yourself and forget about your business. Just focus on helping the same people who are trying to 'sell' you.

Train them to build their business, and once you help them, the money will come back to you on the backend. So become one of the the Top 3% and be a leader.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Clickbank Hit By Tsunami

When Gobala Khrisnan and Zamri Nanyan launch the rahsia.clickbank last week, the Malaysian IM was not only hit by storm but they are all drifted by the tsunami to the Clickbank.

My mail box keep in pouring with mails from all the IM offering the special additional bonus for me to buy the e-book through them. Anyway, I should say thank you to all of them with their effort of getting the buyer.

I very happy for them especially for those who claimed to have earn 4-figure and 5-figure income. Even though I'm 0-figure income in this clickbank, I'm still happy as I still have my 10 figures and still be able to punch the PC motherboard day and night.

At the moment I'm in no rush to promote any affiliate products. If you can see my blogs are all empty without any affiliation. But in a matter of time, I'll be earning that sort of income.

How? Just keep following my posting.....

Friday, 6 February 2009

Hello blogger

Hello blogger all round the world. I'm here to start blogging on what is the actual Trail Blogging. First of all I'll follow all my friends blog and start putting up my comment what is good and what is not. I don't mean to offend anybody but I'm putting it right so that blogger don't just blogging as what they like.

As for the Internet Marketed, I would wise if you all could be very honest in your business transactions. You don't just like to offer anybody in the 'net with something hidden behind your sleeve.

I really doesn't like when you offer something like the word f.ree. If you want to give it free...just give it FREE. It's not f.ree or or anything that's not relevant at all.

Please be honest and direct to the point in what you offer. For one thing for sure that we are not stupid as what you might think.

Okay! I hope you get the clear message.