Monday, 28 June 2010

Blogging and Friendship

As for me whatever you write in your blog is what you feel in your heart and it goes right up to your mind and finally it turns up to be one article in your blog posting.

In other word, you have got to be sincere. Only sincerity will help to develop good write-up. Cause once your posting is up in your blog, you would expect visitors to read your posting and if possible subscribe to your blog.

If there are no visitors, then your blog is just like a haunted house. Nobody would want to go and nobody at all will pay you a visit. What a pity!

As for the top and veteran blogger they will have their way on how to get visitors to their blog. Otherwise of course they would not be able to earn any money through whatever sources. So we don't question on their blogging ability.

What I am trying to emphasize here is blogging for people like us. For the lower end group or the newbie in blogging. We need to build up a friendship relation for the visitors to keep on coming to your blog. As only for those who are close to you will keep up visiting regularly.

Likewise if your blog turn up to be something very spectacular like gossips on artiste and celebrity or probably you provide photographs of naked women or downloading for free the latest music etc.

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